We are pleased to announce our new name, logo and visual identity as the Resource Recovery Coalition of California (Resource Coalition) - formerly the California Refuse Recycling Council, Northern District. Full implementation will take some time, but don’t be surprised when you see our new website, logo, and the look on our publications and social media.

While we’re excited about these changes, this post is not about the new name, website, or symbolism behind the design choices. Rather, I’d like to discuss what this change signifies for our members and the many stakeholders we work with - in the legislature, at regulatory agencies, and industry groups.

In the over five decades since our association’s founding, we have been comprised of two districts in California - Northern and Southern. Over the years, we found that regional differences between the districts restricted some of the important work we do on behalf of our members. Both districts have experienced these restrictions, and agree that it is time to address these issues and change our structure. Under this new structure, both districts will continue to collaborate on a multitude of issues affecting the solid waste and recycling industry, and at the same time be free to advance the mission required by our members.

Our new name and identity brings us into the current generation of the solid waste and recycling industry in California, acknowledging that we are no longer just “collectors” and “haulers”. Our members do much more than that including processing, energy and fuel production, greenhouse gas reduction and more.

The way we operate is critical to ensuring that our coalition continues to provide exceptional governmental affairs programs and member benefits. To achieve that, we undertook an exhaustive review over the past 16 months, resulting in the completion of our Government Affairs Playbook, and realigning our staff structure to accomplish the goals outlined. We are well on our way to achieving these results, and our new name and identity is a significant part of that.

Some of you may be surprised by the change. I assure everyone that our Executive Committee and staff are fully engaged and energized by these positive changes. I assure to you that the Resource Coalition is poised to step into this generation - and the next - as the leading voice of the industry for policy and programming.

For now, I can be reached at both trish@crrcnorth.org or trish@resourcecoalition.org.

Executive Director
Resource Recovery Coalition of California

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