CRRC's Media Response to the Recycling Markets Crisis

This Media Kit is designed to:

  • Educate your cities, counties, LEAs, etc. about the financial impacts of the markets crisis and the likelihood of necessary rate increases
  • Educate state and local governments on the need to incentivize domestic market/infrastructure development

This Media Kit is available to you and the public so that you can share it with your jurisdictions about the reality of the Recycling Markets crisis. We've been hearing from our members that many cities and counties are unsure about the magnitude of the crisis. This Media Kit will give you the back-up you need, as the resources on the page will continue to be built on a daily basis from all of the press (TV, newspaper, radio, social media) that is being generated.

Our talking points, and yours as well, include:

  • China National Sword and the impact on markets
  • The true cost of recycling and the cost per household (what once was a funding stream to offset rates is now a cost)
  • Education to address contamination to residents (keep recycling items in your recycling cart – but clean up the stream)

Check back here on a regular basis. If you are meeting with press, be sure to send them here as well.

Click link to view video, audio or article.

Please email to add media links from all sources.

12/11/18: Resource Recycling - OCC and mixed paper: A tale of two exports

12/11/18: Resource Recycling - Contamination fines gain steam across U.S.

12/11/18: Resource Recycling - Recyclables continue to see stable prices

12/10/18: AP - Market forces put America's recycling industry in the dumps

12/9/18: Waste Advantage Magazine - Californians Cited and Fined for Recycling Wrong

12/6/18: The Seattle Times - Christmas sights start and end their lives in China, and face rising costs

12/6/18: - Paper Mills, Equipment Companies Get Busy Cleaning Up Paper Streams

12/5/18: ABC 7 News (video) - California faces recycling crisis after China tightens rules

12/5/18: Plastics Recycling Update - Growing PET reclaimer to supply Coca-Cola bottlers

12/4/18: ABC 7 News (video) - Marin County residents cited for recycling wrong, bins being left behind

12/4/18: Resource Recycling - Midwest MRF operator sees fiber market struggles

12/4/18: Resource Recycling - Traders fudge paperwork to skirt import limits

12/4/18: Resource Recycling - States struggle to keep growing their diversion rates

12/4/18: - Paper Destined for Recycling Diverted to Landfill in Des Moines, Iowa

12/3/18: ABC News 7 (video) - Richmond residents upsent about fines for "contaminated" recycling

12/3/18: Resource Recycling - Finding the funding

12/3/18: Waste Dive - Des Moines, Iowa landfilled 20 tons of mixed paper each day this summer

12/3/18: - Study Shows Illinois Cities Struggle to Boost Recycling Rates

December 2018: Governing - Under China's New Rules, U.S. Recycling Suffers

11/30/18: International Business Times - US Recycling Industry, Worth $100 Billion, Needs Creative Solutions Amid Ongoing Downtown

11/30/18: - BioHiTech Acquires Stake in HEBioT Renewable Resource Recovery Facility

11/29/18: Bloomberg (video) - How China's Crackdown on Scrap Imports Hits Recycling

11/29/18: Waste Advantage Magazine - Berkeley, CA Looks to Overhaul its Waste Facility with Future Needs in Mind

11/29/18: Waste Dive - EPA Recycling Summit highlights lack of national responsibility

11/29/18: Waste Dive - Michigan governor pushes tip fee increase as a final priority

11/29/18: - Could Global Challenges End Recycling as We Know It?

11/28/18: Metro USA - Rising costs push Philly recycling to the back burner - literally

11/28/18: - How the U.S. Recycling Market is Faring Under China

11/28/18: - Long Island, N.Y., Responds to Shift in Recycling Market

11/27/18: Resource Recycling - Fiber companies talk OCC pricing and export shifts

11/27/18: Resource Recycling - Taiwan joins countries curbing scrap imports

11/27/18: Resource Recycling - China trade roundup: More materials barred at year's end

11/27/18: Resource Recycling - Investor explains decision to back plastics-to-fuel firm

11/27/18: Global Times - War on waste solidifies

11/26/18: - Will Recycling Become a Thing of the Past? Experts Say It's Possible Unless Changes are Made

11/26/18: PBS News Hour - Investors see untapped potential in Asia's plastics problem

11/25/18: Waste Advantage Magazine - Will Those Holiday Gift Boxes Actually Get Recycled?

11/25/18: Waste Advantage Magazine - Savannah, GA Facing Increased Recycling Costs as Contract Nears Expiration

11/21/18: Waste Advantage Magazine - Vermont Agency of Natural Resources Launches "Recycle Like You Live Here" Campaign to Reduce Recycling Contamination

11/21/18: - Domestic Recycled Paper Capacity Increases, NERC Reports 

11/20/18: Waste Advantage Magazine - China Tightens Solid Waste Import Ban

11/19/18: Xinhua - China tightens ban on solid waste imports

11/19/18: Waste Dive - NERC: Recycled paper capacity increasing at 17 North America mills

11/18/18: Hartford Courant - Recycling costs are rising fast. This is why.

11/17/18: CNBC - How to keep recycling from turning into "wishcycling"

11/16/18: - Report: U.S. PET Recycling Rate Climes to 29.2%

11/16/18: Waste Dive - New York town switching back to dual-stream program

11/16/18: Waste Dive - How recycling is changing in all 50 states

11/16/18: National Geographic - China's ban on trash imports shifts waste crisis to Southeast Asia

11/15/18: Protect CRV Recyclers - Protect CRV Initiates Cross-functional Task Force to Support California's CRV Recycling Infrastructure

11/15/18: Plastics News - Despite China's National Sword, US PET recycling rate improves in 2017

11/15/18: Plastics Recycling Update - Nestle Waters deal enables third CarbonLite plant

11/15/18: Plastics Recycling Update - PET bottle recycling rate rises to 29.2 percent

11/13/18: City of San Jose - Staff Recommends Authorizing the City Manager to Waive all or a portion of contractor disincentives for not meeting the required diversion rates for calendar year 2018

11/12/18: Hanford Courant - Recycling costs are rising fast. This is why.

11/12/18: Waste Dive - RES Polyflow receives $57M investment for plastics-to-energy tech

11/8/18: Manteca Ripon Bulletin - Tighter Recycling Rules Coming

11/8/18: Scottsdale Independent - Economy of conversation: The state of the American recycling narrative

11/7/18: Plastics Recycling Update - Third quarter brings plastic exports strife

11/6/18: Resource Recycling - More major haulers report recycling pain

11/6/18: Resource Recycling - Malaysia to replace imports with domestic material

11/6/18: Resource Recycling - Third quarter brings plastic strife but OCC movement

11/6/18: Resource Recycling - Paper recycling sector reflects on a year in flux

11/2/18: Waste Dive - St. Louis suburbs find recycling solutions after major MRF halts service

11/2/18: Waste Dive - What Chinese import policies mean for all 50 states

11/1/18: Waste Dive - Malaysia to end plastic imports within three years

10/30/18: Waste Advantage - Where Does Your Recycled Plastic Go? Perhaps Into Future Highways

10/30/18: Resource Recycling - Largest haulers see mixed third-quarter results

10/29/18: Resource Recycling - Market development in action

10/29/18: Waste Advantage - Chinese Firms Snap Up U.S. Sites to Process Scrap

10/29/18: - Will China Delay Total Import Ban Until 2021?

10/29/18: - A Bearish Bull in a China Market

10/23/18: Waste Dive - China's new role in the global recycling economy

10/23/18: Waste Dive - Daily Digest: Markets force closure of New York recycler

10/23/18: Resource Recycling - Scrap plastics outlet on the way in Southeast U.S.

10/23/18: Resource Recycling - China allows in more paper but still stonewalls plastic

10/23/18: Resource Recycling - India looks to boost its recycling infrastructure

10/22/18: Berg Mill Supply Co. - Containerboard Supply and Demand Growth

10/21/18: Waste Advantage - Amazon Recycling Plan to Support Recycling Infrastructure in U.S.

10/21/18: Waste Advantage - The Great Recycling Recession

10/21/18: Waste Advantage - Japan Buried in Plastic Waste after China Stops Importing World's Trash

10/18/18: San Diego Union-Tribune - China's tougher recycling policy costing San Diego millions, jeopardizing waste goals

10/18/18: - Takeaways from Day One of the Paper & Plastics Recycling Conference

10/17/18: - How Technology Can Help Divert Waste from Landfills

10/16/18: Resource Recycling - Platform provides insight into post-China markets

10/16/18: Resource Recycling - Nine Dragons to produce recycled pulp at U.S. mills

10/16/18: Resource Recycling - Malaysia to enact scrap import tax and restrictions

10/16/18: Resource Recycling - The latest pricing for post-consumer recyclables

10/16/18: Waste Advantage - Thailand to Ban Foreign Plastic Waste Imports

10/16/18: Waste Advantage - 3 Models of Collaboration for Sustainable Packaging Innovation

10/15/18: Waste Advantage - Changing Recycling Rules Reveal What is Truly Recyclable

10/9/18: Waste Advantage - Richmond-Area Virginians Who Mix Trash and Recyclables Get "Oops" Notice

10/8/18: Berg Mill Supply Co. - More Recycled Pellet Imports Headed to China

10/8/18: - Scrap Plastic Sent to Malaysia Subject to Restrictions

10/8/18: Waste Advantage - Huge Rise in U.S. Plastic Waste Shipments to Poor Countries Following China Ban

10/7/18: The Spokesman-Review - Mixed Materials: Garbage in the recycling is messing up the industry

10/4/18: - U.S. Plastic Recycling Rate Projected to Drop to 4.4% in 2018

10/3/18: Plastics Recycling Update - Scrap plastic sampling and sorting guidelines released

10/3/18: Plastics Recycling Update - Malaysia ramps up scrap plastic restrictions

10/3/18: Plastics Recycling Update - Major U.S. and European plastics recycling conferences join forces

10/3/18: Plastics Recycling Update - Details on a China-backed plastics plant

10/1/18: BuzzFeed (video) - I Want You To Stop Recycling

10/1/18: Waste Advantage - A Holistic Approach to Waste Reduction

9/29/18: The Economist - The poor world and the rich world face different problems with their waste

9/27/18: - Salem, Ore., Residents Fined for Recycling Incorrectly

9/26/18: Plastics Recycling Update - Breaking down PS and PET announcements

9/26/18: Plastics Recycling Update - Platform provides insight into post-China markets

9/26/18: Plastics Recycling Update - The latest look at post-consumer plastics pricing

9/26/18: - OCC Prices Down from Near-record 2017 Value

9/26/18: - China's Recycling Regulations: How American Cities Can Benefit

9/25/18: Resource Recycling - OCC levels out after chaotic price swings

9/25/18: Resource Recycling - Mapped out: Chinese money in U.S. recycling

9/23/18: Waste Advantage - Little Lock, North Little Rock, Sherwood (AK) to Decide Recycling Price Rise

9/19/18: Plastics Recycling Update - Lobbying efforts expand to promote recycling

9/19/18: - U.S. Trade War with China Intensifies

9/18/18: Resource Recycling - Pricing for post-consumer grades remains constant

9/18/18: Resource Recycling - Glass on the chopping block in Pennsylvania county

9/18/18: Resource Recycling - Maryland plastics sortation plant will not reopen

9/17/18: Berg Mill Supply Co. - Tariffs Taking a Toll of Recycling

9/17/18: - China Regs, Recycling Issues Dominate Discussion During CRC Event

9/13/18: The Daily Journal - Where does it go?

9/11/18: - Tackling Contamination in the Era of E-commerce, China's Import Ban

9/9/18: Waste Advantage - SERDC, RRS and US EPA Region 4 Team Up to Provide Tools to Help Make the Case for Recycling in the Southeast

9/7/18: Metro News - Economic impacts of garbage and recycling: Report to be presented Wednesday

9/6/18: Plastics Recycling Update - Exports to Thailand collapse after ban

9/6/18: - Nine Dragons to Purchase West Virginia Mill

9/5/18: - China Tariffs Hit Recycled Paper Imports

9/5/18: - Republic Services Seeks to Amend San Angelo, Texas, Contract

9/4/18: The City of San Diego Staff Report - City expects at least $1.5 million less revenue

9/2/18: St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Changes to recycling pipeline have cities across the St. Louis area sorting through options

9/1/18: Waste Advantage - China's Recycling Import Ban: Uncertain Times for Solid Waste Agencies

8/31/18: HBO/VICE News (video) - China's Waste Ban Is Causing A Trash Crisis In The U.S.

8/31/18: Waste Advantage - Poor recycling habits could cost Illinois residents their blue bins

8/30/18: The Nevada Independent - Nevada recycling programs squeezed as trade dynamics trickle down, customer behavior trickles up

8/30/18: - Oregon, Ohio, to Suspend Recycling Program

8/30/18: - Set Recycling Goals Based on Science, Not Wishful Thinking

8/29/18: Illinois News Network - Poor recycling habits could cost Illinois residents their blue bins

8/29/18: Plastics Recycling Update - Project probes recovered film market potential

8/29/18: Plastics Recycling Update - Chinese pipe maker to open U.S. processing plant

8/28/18: Resource Recycling - Chinese tariffs on U.S. recyclables go into effect

8/28/18: Resource Recycling - Chinese restrictions a "huge deal" for major hauler

8/28/18: Resource Recycling - Millions set aside for recycling loans in one state

8/28/18: Resource Recycling - Another Chinese firm to buy a U.S. paper mill

8/28/18: - Uncertainties Abound for Hong Kong's Cardboard Collectors

8/27/18: - Businesses, Cities Vow to "Recycle Right"

8/26/18: Waste Advantage - Forging Funding Partnership for Recycling Infrastructure Closed Loop Fund and Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center

8/24/18: - Q&A: China's waste ban is "misinformed" and "one-dimensional"

8/23/18: Waste Advantage - Tariffs Set to Hit U.S. Scrap Exports to China

8/22/18: Plastics Recycling Update - Markets update: Asian countries further limit plastic imports

8/21/18: - NWRA Urges China to Reconsider Solid Waste Import Restrictions

8/21/18: Resource Recycling - Markets update: More domestic talk as overseas options dwindle

8/20/18: ABC 7 News (video) - Recycling crisis causes mountains of waste at Marin Recycling Center

8/20/18: Governing - Recycling Is Crashing? Far From It. 

8/20/18: San Jose Inside - Waste Piles up in San Jose as China Limits Recycling Imports

8/18/18: Marin Independent Journal - Tiburon Peninsula to see garbage rates hike

8/18/18: Marin Independent Journal - Trade war with China puts Marin, Bay Area recycling markets in crisis

8/17/18: Santa Barbara Independent - County Out $2M Annually on Recycled Paper

8/16/18: Waste Advantage - Congressman hosts roundtable in Oregon on recycling market changes

8/16/18: - Thailand announces ban on e-waste, plastic imports

8/15/18: Resource Recycling - China to enact tariffs on scrap and virgin plastics

8/15/18: Waste Advantage - Recycling Rescue: Contamination Intervention Needed to Save Recycling

8/15/18: - Recycling Industry Coalition Slams Trump for Disastrous Trade War with China

8/14/18: San Francisco Chronicle Editorial - A trade war with China is harming the recycling market

8/14/18: NBC News Bay Area (video) - Recycling Troubles: Companies Struggle with New Tariffs

8/14/18: San Francisco Chronicle - Garbage companies are refusing your recycling. The trade war with China will make it worse

8/14/18: Paradise Post - NRWS looks to public for recycling help

8/14/18: Vallejo Times-Herald - Recycling costs likely to rise because of Chinese tariffs, local recycling firm says

8/14/18: Napa Register - Struggling recycling companies urge Napa consumers to clean up their acts

8/14/18: Resource Recycling - Low OCC prices continue to benefit U.S. mills

8/14/18: Resource Recycling - The latest pricing for baled paper and plastics

8/11/18: - City recycling policy lags behind a shifting market

8/10/18: - Global Market Changes Mean Higher Recycling Costs

8/9/18: - Recycling Industry Responds to China Tariffs on Paper, Plastics

8/8/18: Waste Roday - China to impose tariffs on scrap imports from the US

8/8/18: Resource Recycling - China to enact tariffs on OCC and other recycled paper

8/8/18: Plastics Recycling Update - Where are the current plastics recycling markets?

8/6/18: Michael Grossman via LinkedIn - China's Foreign Recycling Ban Can Be A Watershed Moment

8/6/18: Laguna Beach Indy - Wasting Recyclables

8/6/18: Berg Mill Supply - China Proposes New Import Bans

8/6/18: - Recyclables Dumped in Oregon Landfills Since China Ban

8/5/18: SWEEP - Pacific, West and Northeast are hit hardest by rising recycling costs and disappearing end markets

8/5/18: CBS News - Piling up: Drowning in a sea of plastic

8/4/18: Santa Cruz Sentinel - Chinese policy leaves Santa Cruz County recycling centers adrift

8/3/18: Marketplace - Poor recycling practices mean more is getting landfilled

8/3/18: Stanford News - Stanford remains committed to zero-waste goal despite shakeup in the global recycling industry

8/3/18: - Vietnam, Malaysia set waste import restrictions

8/2/18: Sacramento News & Review - California's waste warriers have 32 million tons of waste with nowhere to go

8/1/18: Plastics Recycling Update - EPA: U.S. plastics recycling rate declines

8/1/18: Plastics Recycling Update - Basel amendment could further slow U.S. plastic exports

7/31/18: Resource Recycling - Container backlogs cause more important strife in SE Asia

7/31/18: Resource Recycling - Publicly traded haulers report commodity price pains

7/31/18: Resource Recycling - Containerboard mill conversion will incorporate mixed paper (in Virginia)

7/31/18: - Bakersfield prepares to change recycling program in response to market downturn

7/30/18: Santa Maria Times - Our View: Big change in the way we dispose

7/27/18: Waste Advantage Magazine - Vermont's Recycling Costs Rise

7/26/18: - Fiberight Launches Integrated Waste Conversion Plant

7/26/18: ISRI - Markets in Southeast Asia forced to temporarily close borders because of trade diversion from China

7/26/18: - The current state of recovered paper markets

7/25/18: Plastics Recycling Update - China moves to extend bank to all recovered materials

7/25/18: Plastics Recycling Update - Phoenix eyes local outlet for mixed plastics

7/24/18: Stuff You Should Know Podcast (Audio) - Recycling Update: How's It Going?

7/24/18: Tap Into North Salem - North Salem garbage contract concerns

7/20/18: - Investigation: U.S. versus China trade war hurting recycling industry

7/20/18: - China Ban Could Force Americans to Clean Up

7/19/18: SWANA: One Year of Change - SWANA Toolkit

7/19/18: Mountain View Voice - Clean Your Recycling

7/18/18: Waste Advantage Magazine - International Plastic Recycling Groups Announce Global Definition of "Plastics Recyclability"

7/18/18: Resource Recycling - China moves to extend ban to all materials

7/18/18: - Vietnam "Scrambling" Since China's Ban on Scrap Imports

7/17/18: Waste - China's Changing Import Regulations — What Does It All Mean?

7/16/18: Berg Mill Supply - California's Passion for Recycling No Longer Making an Impact

7/16/18: Recycling Today - China's scrap receipts slashed in half so far in 2018

7/13/18: KRON (Video) - Some Californians paying more to recycle after new China policy

7/12/18: Wastedive - Sacramento, California drops mixed plastics from curbside program

7/12/18: - Bakersfield recycling in trouble months after China stops taking world's trash

7/12/18: Chico News & Review - Trash Trouble: New costs, restrictions hampers haulers' recycling

7/12/18: - Penn Waste Announces New Recycling Guidelines for Customers in Pennsylvania

7/11/18: KCRA 3 (Video) - Here's how China is changing what you recycle at home

7/11/18: The Union - Grass Valley council says no to fining recycling scofflaws

7/10/18: Recycling Today - The perplexing pace of policy changes

7/10/18: Sacramento Bee (Video) - Do you take recycling seriously? Here's how Sacramento's waste rules are changing

7/18/18: - China: One Year On

7/9/18: Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery - Launches Recycle CLEAN America website (The "Get Educated" webpage mentions the China ban and includes educational videos)

7/9/18: - Monterey, Calif., to Stop Recycling Plastic Bags

7/9/18: Los Angeles Times - Environmentally minded Californians love to recycle - but it's no longer doing any good

7/7/18: Marin Independent Journal - Corte Madera approves increase in garbage rates

7/6/18: - Time to Recycle Smarter

7/6/18: Manteca/Ripon Bulletin - Higher Garbage Rates? China's move could raise Manteca solid waste bills

7/4/18: MSN News - U.S. cities scramble to rewrite rules on recycling after China restricts "foreign garbage"

7/4/18: Action News Now Chico (Video) - New Recycling Guidelines Could Mean Higher Costs

7/2/18: Berg Mill Supply - China's Neighbors Struggle with Plastic Ban

7/2/18: Charlotte Observer (Video) - Charlotte's recycling "is broken". Could your plastic, paper be headed for a landfill?

7/1/18: St. Helena Star - No more plastic bags in recycle bins, says Napa County's Upper Valley Disposal & Recycling

6/29/18: Pacific Coast Business Times - Our view: Tougher trash standards a different kind of trade war

6/29/18: Pacific Coast Business Times - Trash Crash

6/29/18: - Industry Builds the Future of Recycling Amid China Ban Woes

6/29/18: KSBY (Video) - Recycling instructions coming to SLO County after major policy change abroad

6/28/18: North Coaster - At Recology, recyclables piling up

6/28/18: 13 WTHR Indianapolis - Curbside recycling fee doubles for Indianapolis Republic Services customers

6/26/18: - Thailand Temporarily Halts Imports of Plastic Waste, E-waste

6/26/18: Resource - China Adds Another Hurdle for Exporters

6/26/18: - China's Waste Import Ban Causing Recyclables to be Sent to Landfill

6/25/18: NBC News (Video) - Why your recycling may end up in landfills

6/25/18: Waste Advantage Magazine - The U.S. Used to Ship 4,000 Recyclable Containers a Day to China. Where Will the Banned Trash Go Now?

6/24/18: - Salt Lake Valley recycling services at risk due to Chinese Restrictions

6/20/18: The Verge - China's plastic waste ban will leave 111 million tons of trash with nowhere to go

6/20/18: The Washington Post - A Giant Wave of Plastic Garbage Could Flood the U.S., a study says

6/20/18: SF Gate - Study: Plastic will pile up in wake of China recycling ban

6/20/18: Earther - China's Plastic Waste Ban Will Create a Huge Issue For the World

6/19/18: - State bill could relax California recycling requirements due to China impact

6/19/18: (Audio) - Trade War Escalation, Meanwhile the Trash Piles Up

6/15/18: Waste Advantage Magazine - SWANA Provides Update on Impact of China's Waste Import Restrictions on Recycling Programs

6/14/18: Voice of San Diego - San Diego Explained: Why Your Trash Bill Could Go Up

6/13/18: Waste - SWANA Provides Update on How China's Waste Import Restrictions are Impacting Recycling Programs

6/12/18: Resource - China Roundup: CCIC Update, Intense Inspections and More

6/12/18: Resource - Exporter Describes Southeast Asian Shipment Strife

6/12/18: Resource - Mixed News in Baled Recyclables Markets

6/11/18: Bloomberg (Audio) - Recycling, The Crisis After China's 'No'

6/11/18: - Kent County, Mich., Considers Doubling the Cost of Recycling

6/9/18: MLive Michigan - China's 'foreign garbage' fight causes Kent County $1 million shortfall

6/8/18: USA Today - Blue Bins Overflow with Amazon and Walmart Boxes. But We're Actually Recycling Less

6/8/18: VOA News - China Trash Ban Creates Crisus for US Recyclers

6/6/8: Los Altos Town Crier - Global shifts alter the business of what goes in your bin

6/4/18: ISRI - Global Scrap Markets, The Effects of China and other Trade Trends

6/4/18: Napa Valley Register - Napa, so far, keeps up recycling sales, despits vanishing Chinese market

6/1/18: Voice of San Diego - Much of San Diego's Trash Goes to China and Now China Doesn't Want It

6/1/18: - Who Killed Recycling? The Harm to Recycling Has Been Inflicted by Recycling's Friends, Not its Enemies

6/1/18: - New Chinese Environmental Policy Hits Vermont Recycling Programs - Paying $57/ton to Move Paper

5/30/18: Resource -  China faces 'staggering' shortfall in recovered fiber supply

5/30/18: Resource - Why Vietnam is Shutting Out Some Materials

5/30/18: - Nine Dragons to Acquire 2 US Paper Mills for $175M

5/29/18: - China Ban Prompts Oregon County to Suspend Recycling Program

5/29/18: DQED News (Radio): Fears Grow Among Central Valley Recyclers as China Denies U.S. Recyclables

5/29/18: The New York Times - Your Recycling Gets Recycled, Right? Maybe, or Maybe Not

5/26/18: - Trash Trouble

5/26/18: Los Angeles Times - California Has a Recycling Crisis. The Only Way to Solve It Is To Stop Making So Much Trash

5/24/18: Berg Mill Supply - Is Recycling's Future Headed Toward the Trash?

5/24/18: Berg Mill Supply - RCP Import Block Causes Commotion in Supply Chain

5/24/18: - Vietnam to temporarily stop accepting scrap plastic imports

5/22/18: Resource - CCIC Inspections Resume and other National Sword Updates

5/22/18: Resource - ISRI: Tariffs Would "Irreparably" Harm Recycling Industry

5/19/18: 1 News (Video): Just south of Thames is this mind bogglingly massice city of plastic...

5/19/18: — NRC: China's import ban exposed poor US recycling practices

5/19/18: - NRC Calls for U.S. Recycling Improvements Amid China Crackdown

5/18/18: Argus Courier - As Recycling Gets More Challenging, Petaluma Garbage Rates Go Up

5/17/18: KRON 4 (Video) - California's Recycling Crisis

5/16/18: 13 CBS Sacramento (Video) - Recycling Contamination Has California Sorting Out Solutions

5/16/18: CBS SF Bay Area/KPIX (Video) - Recycling Industry Reeling From Tough New China Standards

5/15/18: Valley Public Radio/NPR for Central California (Audio) - Fears Grow Among Valley Recyclers as China Denies U.S. Recyclables

5/15/18: Resource Recycling - China ban collides with Calif. diversion requirements

5/14/18: The City of San Diego Memorandum - San Diego reports a potential $5.1 million swing in costs

5/14/18: Business Insider DE - The American Recycling System is on the Verge of Breaking Down, and it Could Mean Higher Costs for Homeowners

5/14/18: NZ Herald - Piles of recyclables mount in wake of China's waste ban

5/13/18: Waste Advantage Magazine - Recycling, Once Embraced by Businesses and Environmentalists, Now Under Siege

5/7/18: - China Suspends All U.S. Scrap Imports for One Month

4/24/18: Resource Recycling - China's ban hits additional materials

4/24/18: Berg Mill Supply Co. - Is Recycling's Future Headed Toward the Trash?

4/20/18: CNN Money — China refuses to recycle more of the world's trash

4/20/18: - Industry Associations Respond to China's Expanded Waste Import Ban

4/20/18: - Waste Management Feels Impact of China's Contamination Standard, Import Ban in Q1 2018

4/20/18: - China Announces Import Ban on an Additional 32 Scrap Materials

4/16/18: - Could Standardized Recycling Labels Be the Solution to Overcoming the Industry's China Ban Woes?

4/3/18: Waste Management - The Battle Against Recycling Contamination is Everyone's Battle

4/3/18: - City looking to raise refuse and recycling rates

3/28/18: CBS News (Video) - Without China, What's Happening to the World's Waste? | The Question

3/28/18: The King City Rustler - Policy changes affecting recycling companies

3/27/18: Opinion: California shouldn't throw away recycling opportunity

3/27/18: - Wish-Cycling: The Tough Business of Cleaning Up What's In that Blue Bin

3/18/18: SF Gate - China suddenly made it harder for San Francisco to reach its Zero Waste goal

2/28/18: - How Technology Can Be a Solution to China's Import Ban

2/14/18: Plastics Recycling Update - From Green Fence to red alert: A china timeline

1/24/18: Plastics Recycling Update - How China fallout is shaking recycling in California

1/23/18: CalRecycle Discussion of National Sword (Video)

1/22/18: CGTN America (Video) - Joe Pickard Explains China's Ban on Plastic Waste Imports

1/12/18: - ISRI, NWRA, SWANA Respond to China's Finalized Contamination Standard

1/2/18: BBC News (Video) - Why China Doesn't Want Your Waste Anymore

1/2/18: NEW News (Video) - Mountains of US Recycling Pile Up as China Restricts Imports

12/6/17: - The China Conundrum

10/26/17: ANJR (Video) - China's National Sword About to Fall on U.S. Recyclers

7/19/17: - China Notifies WTO of Intent to Ban 24 Types of Solid Waste Imports

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